Wisdom Recipes 4Proverbs & Psalms: Proverbs 15:18 – Anger

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Before you respond in anger, think before you react to someone. It is better to not respond at all while angry than to react out of spite and say something you might regret later. If you know you are a person that has a short fuse, work on ways of becoming more patient.

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Wisdom Recipes 4Proverbs & Psalms: Fear Not Your Enemies.

When we fear-less and trust more in a Higher Power, even our enemies lose grip over our lives. We are not affected by the flying arrows of insults, backstabbing shenanigans to harms us, and tactics meant to bring us down. We stand up in courage and sleep peacefully at night knowing we have given our best, made amends whenever necessary and blessed our enemies.

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Wisdom Recipes 4Proverbs & Psalms: Proverbs 10:12 – Love & Forgiveness

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Human Nature

When someone hurts us, it is human nature to experience anger, confusion, hurt and disappointment. We may have an array of emotions. Sometimes people hurt us intentionally out of their own character flaws of pride and selfishness. Sometimes people may unintentionally hurt us based upon our or their unresolved issues of the past or by crossing a boundary.  Whatever is the reason – it is in our own best interest emotionally, mentally, and physical well-being to process what has happened, communicate our concerns with the person who has hurt us and set a boundary for self-protection. To carry around anger hurts, and resentments for an extended period of time keeps us in bondage to our emotions and the person who has hurt us.

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